Things to ask your Doctor before choosing Stem Cells

Risk can occur with any treatment. Always consult with your doctor before receiving any other treatments. As Stem Cell therapy is a pretty safe treatment and may even be advised by your doctor, your doctors has your full health history. Your doctor can go over your full medical history and explain if and how stem cell might help your current condition.

Make sure you are a good candidate for stem cells. You need to be evaluated before receiving stem cell treatment to make sure you have no underlying conditions.

How long has the doctor/clinic been doing regenerative medicine? Make sure the doctor/clinic has been dealing with stem cell therapy for some time. This will help you receive the best outcome.

Where are the stem cells coming from? Three of the four types come from your body. They are harvest from either your bone marrow, subcutaneous adipose of the fat pad in your knee. the forth is your live birth umbilical cord.

How are the stem cells being administered to make sure of proper placement? Depending on why you are receiving stem cell therapy, they may need to use either ultrasound of fluoroscopic guidance.

How often will I need to receive stem cell therapy? Depending on your condition, you may need more than one treatment. Your doctor can and will go over all of this with you before receiving any treatment. The stem cell injection will continue working for up to one year and many do not require multiple treatments.

Like any medical treatment, ask as many questions you may have until you are satisfied and understand the full process of stem cell therapy.

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