Terms and Conditions

Published by Cove Medical Tours. Cove Medical Tours publishes and operates the Website, provides the Service to Users, Health Professionals and Health Facilities.


For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, specific terms are defined as follows:
Terms and Conditions of Use The general conditions of use of the services of www.covemedicaltours.com subscribed by the User.
Data(s): All computer data, health professional or patient, hosted as part of the use of the service.
Equipments: Any electronic support allowing an Internet connection.
Health establishment: Any institution authorized to manage the health of patients, users of the health system. It may be a public, private for-profit or non-profit institution.
Health Professional or Practitioner: Health professionals who have subscribed to a contract of membership with Cove Medical Tours.
Incidents: Any anomaly or malfunction of the Services regardless of misuse.
Provider: Health Professionals and/or Health Establishments, having subscribed to a membership contract with Cove Medical Tours.
Servers: IT infrastructure connected to the Internet network that hosts www.covemedicaltours.com website and the data collected as part of the use of the service.
Service: Any medical or health care consultation or act proposed and carried out by a Health Professional, Private or Public Health Institution having subscribed to a contract with Cove Medical Tours.
User/Patient: Any person who accesses the Website and benefits from the Service for strictly private use.


Access to and use of the site is subject to acceptance of and compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use which the User acknowledges having read and understood.

In the event of disagreement with the Terms and Conditions, no use of the site may be made by the User.


The Service offered by Cove Medical Tours is to improve the quality of care for Patients at an affordable cost by Health Professionals and/or Health Facilities.

Cove Medical Tours contacts with Health Professional/Healthcare Institution to connect Users to affordable health care services. We are not a medical providor.

The User remains free to choose the Health Professional and/or the health facility They consults.

Cove Medical Tours makes available via this website, optional services to which the User may subscribe. The price of optional services can be found on the corresponding website page.

Cove Medical Tours does offer the User access to a second medical opinion by submitting to a doctor the necessary medical documents so that they can make a decision in accordance with good medical practices.

The second opinion is not a substitute for primary care. The User can only access the services of the second medical opinion once they have received a first diagnostic opinion issued by a health professional.The second opinion can only be issued on the basis of documents provided by the User. The “second opinion” service does not require a physical meeting or clinical examination, except in the event of a request made to this effect by the User and subject to the availability of the healthcare professional requested.

Cove Medical Tours “second remote medical opinion” service undertakes to the User to:

  • Guarantee the identification and authentication of the health professional requested
  • Guarantee the quality of “doctor” of the health professional solicited.
  • Guarantee the adequacy between the request formulated by the User and the Health Professional. User’s responsibility to personally choose the health professional they charge with issuing a second opinion.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

However, Cove Medical Tours cannot guarantee:

  • The content as well as the quality of the second opinion issued, which is the responsibility of the Health Professional requested
  • The usefulness, completeness, quality, authenticity or not of the documents in the medical file transmitted by the User requesting the second opinion
  • The deadline for returning the second notice, which is 5 business days after receipt of the complete documentation sent by the User.

Cove Medical Tours does not practice medicine and therefore cannot be held liable for any prejudice of any kind whatsoever, of any seriousness whatsoever, following the issuance of the second opinion.

Conditions of Access to the Service

All Users have access to the Service as soon as they accept and acknowledge that they meet the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age and have the legal capacity to subscribe to these Terms and Conditions. The User may, in his capacity as legal representative of a person legally incapable or declared as such by a judicial authority (minor, adult incapable under guardianship) subscribe to these Terms and Conditions as soon as they demonstrates that they are authorised to do so by the person they represents or by the judicial authorities. In this respect, the User is responsible for the information they may transmits to Cove Medical Tours.
  • Acknowledge that you have read and understood all of these General Conditions of Use and accept them without restriction or reservation.
  • Consent to the collecting and processing of personal data in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Service, in strict compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data in force within the Cove Medical Tours Company.
  • Access the Service using your true identity and undertake to provide authentic information

Cove Medical Tours cannot be held liable for the non-execution or improper execution of the Service proposed by the Health Professional and cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by the User in this context.

Cove Medical Tours cannot be held responsible for the information declared and displayed by the Health Professional, whether in terms of its quality or titles, its agenda or any information intended for the User.

The use of the Service by the Health Professional does not in any way exempt or mitigate the Health Professional from his professional obligations and responsibility towards the User.

In addition, each appointment request made by the User is subject to the availability of the Practitioner. Under no circumstances may its liability or that of Cove Medical Tours be sought in the event of

  • no response to a request from a User,
  • in case of unavailability of the Health Professional,
  • or the modification or possible cancellation of the appointment.

Information on Health Professionals

Cove Medical Tours provides the Health Professional with a page on which they can provide information about themselves or there medical practice.

This information is provided by Health Professionals: it is not verified or validated by Cove Medical Tours and is the sole responsibility of the Health Professional.

In addition, when subscribing to the Service, each Health Professional undertakes to strictly comply with the Code of Ethics applicable to them

User Obligations

The User undertakes not to access and use the Site or the Service provided by Cove Medical Tours for illegal purposes or with the aim of causing damage to the reputation and image of Cove Medical Tours and/or Health Professionals or infringe the rights, in particular intellectual property rights.

In general, the User undertakes to access and use the Site and Services in good faith, in a reasonable manner, not contrary to the terms of these Terms and Conditions and for strictly personal and non-profit purposes

In the event of a breach of any of these commitments, and without this list being exhaustive, the User acknowledges and accepts that Cove Medical Tours may unilaterally and without prior notice refuse access to all or part of the Website and that it reserves the right to take legal action to take legal action against the User as it deems appropriate


Cove Medical Tours reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the site and services as well as Terms and Conditions.

The User is solely responsible for the use they make of this Website and the Service they accesses from this Website.

Under no circumstances may Cove Medical Tours be held liable in any proceedings brought against the User who is guilty of non-compliant use of the Website and/or the Service it provides.

The User acknowledges and accepts in this respect that they will be personally responsible for any claim or proceeding brought against Cove Medical Tours as a result of the User’s non-compliant use of the Service and/or the Website.

The User acknowledges and accepts that these General Terms and Conditions have provided clear, fair and appropriate information about the operation of the Service and its rights and obligations.

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