Things to ask your Doctor before choosing HBot

Risk can occur with any treatment. Always consult with your doctor before receiving any other treatments. As HBot is a pretty safe treatment and may even be advised by your doctor, your doctors has your full health history. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally a safe procedure. Complications are rare. But this treatment does carry some risk.


Potential risks include:

  • Temporary nearsightedness caused by temporary eye lens changes
  • Middle ear injuries, including leaking fluid and eardrum rupture, due to increased air pressure
  • Lung collapse caused by air pressure changes
  • Seizures as a result of too much oxygen in your central nervous system

Make sure to go over some of these items before hand with your doctor:

  • Could HBot help with your condition?
  • What medications of drugs you may be taking?
  • Your current health conditions such as lung issues, ear or eye issues or any other health issues that you need to avoid at high pressure.
  • Let your HBot physician know of all health issues including any history of seizures.

Overall, HBot is a fairly safe procedure as long as you cover all concerns ahead of time.

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