What is Medical Tourism?

“Medical Tourism” normally refers to traveling outside the country for purpose of receiving medical care. While most individuals may be seeking care outside their local healthcare system, some will take advantage of the travel and may accompany it by a vacation.

There are many reasons a person might seek medical tourism. Some may have insurance that does not cover the procedure while others cant afford the co-pays. With health care cost rising around the world, medical tourism has been growing at a fast pace.

Medical tourism has the potential for cost savings on medical care. Our locations provide an excellent tourist infrastructure with a long lasting reputation of medicine and experienced medical staff.

Only four short years ago in 2016, medical tourism was only $206 billion industry. For 2020, they estimate that people will spend an estimate of $439 billion on medical tourism alone.

Overview of the medical advertising market
439 billion US dollars
Total estimated value of medical tourism in 2020. (Amjmed stats 2019)

Amount per visit spending
The average cost for each medical visitor is estimated to be $3,800-$6,000 (cash) per visit

85% of health centers
Have an active use of online marketing.

Why Cove Medical Tours?
Our International exposure
We work with international partners to acquire new patients from all over the world with extensive reach to US patients.