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Cove Medical Tours. Medical Tourism made easy (™)

Cove Medical tours. An Idea long in thought and in the making. It is our hope to see all people who have to fight for every little scrap of medical care find access to all that they need at prices they can afford.

Our Mission:

Connecting Patients and Doctors for a better health globally! (™)

Our Story:

Cove Medical Tours is a concept long in thought and in the making.  In 2012 James was in a crippling accident and struggling to get the medical care needed. Bought the best medical coverage money could buy, but the bills still piled up.  Shocked at his tax software advising itemized deductions showing that He’d been spending 60-80% of his income on MEDICAL NEEDS, Angela and James were forced to give up their house and stay in their RV while paying for surgeries and physical therapy. “Dental insurance?” A joke…Good for 19th century dental work: Extractions and toxic mercury amalgam fillings.

Frustration peaked when a  instant crown failed only a few months later, was reset, then failed completely after only 18 months. So much for quality expensive US Dental work. James and Angela stopped doing all dental work in the USA, instead doing what most in the know about medical tourism do: Went Elsewhere!  James’ parents have been Medical Tourists for their dental work outside the USA for 25 years!

As for me, Ted, we’ve all been family friends for 30 years. Business partner was a natural fit. I also had a tragic event in my life. The near drowning of my grandson. In the USA, most medical treatments for my grandsons injuries are considered experimental and not covered by insurance even though they are best practices around the world . Like James and Angela, we gave up everything to help with his treatments. We also realized the treatment needed was not available in the USA and what was is financially out of reach. 4th medical tourism with his same treatments at 60%+ less in cost than in the USA!

Our Journey:

Medical care in the USA is becoming more unaffordable daily. Longer waits, any number of people have “Plans” that take away your medical choice! We knew it simply wasn’t possible to get any kind of timely or affordable care in the USA. We thought thought, prayed, meditated, discussed it with those close to us and has been on our minds for decades: We concluded that EVERYONE needs affordable, easy medical tourism.

What is Medical Tourism?

How we got here:

Angela and James needed two years wages just in dental work. To that we say NUTS! Not when we know we can get the same quality work, by well educated dentists who speak English for a fraction of the cost! Medical tourism offers safe, affordable, quality medical care. This secret has been known  and used  by the well-traveled and well-off and for decades.  Understand that, for example, the cost of a ONE root canal, build up and crown at your US dentist, you can get FIVE OR SIX plus spend a few days or weeks in in fun, friendly, fantastic, “tranquilo” Ensenada, Baja California’s Mediterranean climate. In Ensenada, the same is true of all medical and dental care as well as medications and medical supplies.

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Our Goal:

To take back control of your medical choice bringing that knowledge and system of simple, affordable medical tourism to as many people as possible. It is our dream and goal to bring our 3 decades of excellent, affordable medical tourism experience to you and your families. Cove Medical Tours is medical tourism made easy. (™)

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